Social Media Post Templates for Flight Schools

The flight schools we work with are BUSY.

Typically, flight schools are “all hands on deck” with providing students with the best possible education, and have little time (or margin) to spare for marketing!

You have better things to do than spend time dreaming up social media posts!

We generated these templates for our consulting clients to get better sales results, but now we’ve made selected bundles like this one available without a subscription.

Download these¬† templates for Canva, and then you’re three steps from making more sales:

  1. Customize them with your own logo, photos, fonts, colors, backgrounds and sizes!
  2. Replicating and modifying them to create variations for A/B tests, sequences or series
  3. Deploying them to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. (Or your own favorite media!)

Save time and money, and quickly generate posts that work!

Low introductory price – $19.99!

Flight School Template Bundle