Why do we bother with holidays, anyway?

✈️ Holidays offer an opportunity to show appreciation to partners or coworkers. National Air Traffic Controller Day, for example, invites us to see the world from the point of view of a person we may interact with regularly but don’t think about much on a daily basis.

✈️ They are a welcome break in the routine. Maybe not so much in the first week of January, but later in the year a little variety can be welcome!

✈️ For those of us in marketing, they provide us with another touchpoint with prospects or clients WITHOUT an explicit motive!

Print this list of holidays and start planning a post, a newsletter issue, a campaign, a promotion or an event around the ones most relevant to YOUR business.

We love celebrating “muggle” holidays as well (regular holidays that aren’t exclusive to the aviation industry – you know, the ones “normal” people celebrate!)

A few of our favorites:

💕Valentines Day – Direct mail + email campaign with a box of chocolates to our best customers with a reminder – “We’d love a referral from you!’

🍀 St. Patrick’s Day is great for safety equipment or services – You can use a postcard or magazine ad with a QR code leading to a video demo – “Don’t rely on luck! Use X <product> to prevent Y <outcome!>”

🎃 Halloween – Direct mail campaign with Halloween goodies- “Don’t be afraid – our services are guaranteed!” Outline the ways your product or service reduces risk.

🦃 Thanksgiving – Customer appreciation gifts or events. (We prefer this to the traditional Christmas gifts!)

We’re planning 2023 campaigns with our clients now to customize their best opportunities to reach their sales and revenue goals this year.

Our team is planning amazing templates and posts for the holidays, as always!

What aviation/aerospace holidays are we missing? (There’s always one more!)

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Aviation Marketing Calendar

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